Ted Lizotte

Ted and Shelly Lizotte
Ted and Shelly Lizotte, Manchester, NH

Ted Lizotte lives in Manchester, NH and began calling in 1988. Ted calls through A2 and travels extensively throughout the New England region. For the past 14 years he has been the club caller for Tech Squares of MIT where he teaches the “Crash Course” of Zero through Plus in 13 weeks. He is a member and past president of the Tri-State Callers Association as well as a Callerlab Member and Accredited General Caller. He has made numerous presentations at Callerlab Conventions and was on the first panel to discuss “Alternative Patter Music” along with Jerry Jestin and John Sybalsky. Ted is also a recording artist on EGO Recordings; his last single “I Feel the Earth Move” was recorded mid-2012. Ted is known for his singing voice as well as his excellent choreography, smooth flow, and timing. He has dedicated himself to teaching dancers and callers in his 24 years of service to the square dancing activity.