Callers School Curriculum

What are some key benefits of coming to the school?

    • Develop confidence in your calling ability.
    • Improve your overall calling skills.
    • Learn how to program your dances and classes.
    • Understand what it takes to be a “professional square dance caller”.
    • Acquire the skills necessary to make yourself a more professional caller.

What are the topics of discussion?

    • Mechanics of Choreography.
    • Timing
    • Voice / Delivery
    • Smooth Dancing / Body Flow
    • Programming
    • Teaching
    • Music / Rhythm
    • Choreographic Management
    • Ethics/ Leadership
    • Showmanship
    • How to Utilize Digital Music
    • Working with Square Dance Music Software

We have three program levels to better suit our students needs:

Beginners – Designed for brand new callers who need all the basics, including:
Basic choreography in the form of modules, Microphone Technique, Voice Control, understanding music, and much more. 

Intermediate  Methods of Choreographic Control, modules, Introduction to Sight calling, Timing, smooth dancing and body flow, understanding music and rhythm, FASR, programming, Singing Calls, Teaching, and much more. 

Advanced – Advanced Sight Calling techniques, timing and body flow, creative choreography, understanding “Degree of Difficulty”, Singing Call figures, Teaching, Resolution Methods, and much more.